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RSHE Guide & Teacher training resources

The Department for Education has published their implementation guide for RSHE and a suite of training modules.
The ‘Plan your RSHE curriculum’ guide (which serves as implementation guidance) is available here.
The training modules are available   here  and include the topics:

Come Correct

Heather McKelvey
Health Youth Programmes Coordinator

The Vibe
195-211 Becontree Avenue

Mobile No: 07968511930

Email Address:   heather.mckelvey@lbbd.gov.uk

Website:  www.comecorrect.org.uk

Borough:  LBBD

Provision Summary:
13-24 Pan London Condom Distribution service On-Line registration available for 16+ S.T.I testing kits available on line for young people 16+
Emergency Hormonal Contraception for LBBD residents up to 5 days after unprotected sex age 13-24

Target Group:   Secondary Schools  – Pupils,

Cost Implication for Schools: No