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Peer2Peer Education

Heena Njie

Starting Point
16 Pickering Road
IG11 8PG

Email Address: heena@p2peducation.co.uk
Mobile:  07908013916
Website:   www.p2peducation.co.uk          

Borough:  LBBD

Provision Summary:  
P2P delivers peer-led life-skills workshops to schools, PRUs and other youth-related services. Workshops include Sexting, Online Grooming, Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships, Gun and Knife Crime, Gang Awareness, Drug and Alcohol Abuse and more.

Target Group:   Primary and Secondary Schools (for Pupils, Staff, Parents and Carers)

Cost Implication for Schools:  Yes

Stop Smoking Service

Jenny Houlihan
Area Manager

ROOM 101 BLC 2
Town Square,
IG11 7NB

Email Address: healthy.llifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk
Alternative Email Address:  smoking.advisors@lbbd.gov.uk
Tel No:  0208 724 8018
Website:   newme.london
Alternative Website: https://www.lbbd.gov.uk/residents/

Borough:  LBBD

Provision Summary:
Never been a better time to stop, we offer free stop smoking medicines, free behavioural support, targeted at your individual needs.

Target Group:   Primary and Secondary Schools (for Pupils, Staff, Parents and Carers)

Cost Implication for Schools:  No

Substance Misuse Strategy Team

Mick McManus
Alcohol Coordinator

Barking Town Hall

Email Address: mick.mcmanus@lbbd.gov.uk
Tel No:     02082275880
Mobile:    07870278373      

Borough:  LBBD

Provision Summary: 
Commissioner of Drug and Alcohol services and co-ordinator for alcohol awareness

Target Group:   Secondary Schools (for Pupils, Staff, Parents and Carers)

Cost Implication for Schools:  No

CWP Resources

Paula Power

115 Peel Road
E18 2LJ

Email:    info@cwpresources.co.uk
Tel No:   020 8559 2442
Website: www.cwpresources.co.uk

Borough: All boroughs

Provision Summary:
Comprehensive teaching resources for Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco education (DATe). These award winning materials include schemes of work, lesson plans and resources for primary and secondary age pupils. All our resources have met the PSHE Association Quality Assurance standard.

Target Group: Primary School / Secondary School

Cost Implication for schools: £125 + VAT

Alcohol Education Trust: Talkaboutalcohol Programme

Kate Hooper,

Schools Co-ordinator

Tel: 01300 320869
Email:   kate@alcoholeducationtrust.org

Alcohol Education Trust
Frampton House

Website:  www.alcoholeducationtrust.org or www.talkaboutalcohol.com

Borough: All boroughs (National, with regional staff)

Provision Summary:
This service is fully evaluated and is a PSHE Association and Mentor Adepis CAYT accredited early intervention education programme for 11- 18 year olds.

Talkaboutalcoholfocuses on what pupils can do to be healthy and stay safe. Using ‘bottom up’ activities, pupils categorise risk, act out ‘real life’ scenarios and engage in decision-making games to build knowledge, confidence, resilience and life skills. A 100 page teacher workbook, fully supported online and with email and phone support can be ordered free of charge by schools across London. In house training can be provided in proved techniques and in supporting pupils in a discreet and appropriate manner at a reasonable charge (£150).

In addition, bespoke picture and story led resources for use with children with moderate learning difficulties in mainstream education that complements the 100 page teacher workbook is available for £90. This gives access to PowerPoints, full colour activities and 6 suites of lessons and activities.

The programme is shown by The National Foundation for Education Research to significantly delay the onset of teen drinking, improve knowledge and engagement in PSHE. It is awarded 3/3 for effectiveness by DFE appointed Centre for Analysis for Youth Transitions and is one of the Early Intervention Foundation’s top 50 most effective programmes across all disciplines for effective outcomes. (https://www.nfer.ac.uk/publications/AETE01/AETE01.pdf)

Schools are encouraged to engage parents via schools, making them aware of the law and that they are key in setting boundaries, being role models and using ‘tough love’ parenting skills. Talkaboutalcoholsessions can be booked for parents and a bi-termly newsletter and bespoke website for parents is provided.

The Talkaboutalcoholprogramme covers:

  • Planning, guidance and evaluation
  • Assessing knowledge
  • Alcohol and its effects Social and physical
  • Units and Guidelines
  • Alcohol and The Law
  • Staying Safe
  • 16+
  • Visual rich resources
  • Organisations that offer support services
  • As part of our work in Greater London, we are able to offer schools the options on how they would like to receive the programme, which are:

Option 1:to receive the PSHE Association accreditedtalkaboutalcohol100 page workbook, a bi-termly newsletter and online/phone support. The workbook is supported with the www.alcoholeducationtrust.com website of film clips, resources, research and guidance. Furthermore, a bi-termly newsletter is provided to share with parents in addition to a bespoke web area. Schools are also supported with information leaflets for one year group per annum with ‘Alcohol and You’ for older teenagers and ‘Talk about Alcohol’ for parents. Schools can use the new online learning zone www.talkaboutalcohol.com which includes games and activities for pupils around alcohol education.

Option 2: The above, plus a highly recommended training session for teachers/PSHE leads on how to use the materials effectively or a parent support evening which can be tailored to suit and can be a stand-alone session, form part of a meet the tutor evening, GCSE option evening or be combined with another issue such as safety etc. These sessions cost £150 and can be shared with other schools to spread costs. Parent support information evenings are also recommended (£150).

Option 3: The above, plus a suite of picture and story led resources that should be used in conjunction with the 100 page work book for those with moderate learning difficulties. The resources (£90 per school or organisation) plus training at £150 per session, irrespective of the number attending.

Target Group:
Year 7-13 with tailored resources for different ages and abilities, parents, carers, PSHE leads and teachers.

Cost Implication for Schools:

  • Main resources: free of charge to schools
  • Full resource package with tailored SEN resources: £90
  • CPD training £150
  • Parent support and information sessions £150