MIND UP – The Goldie Hawn Foundation

A Whole School Approach to Wellbeing

Contact:    Julia Organ
UK Director

Address:    WeWork,
Moor Place,
1 Fore Street,

Email:        jorgan@mindup.org

Alternative Email Address: hello@mindup.org

Tel:            020 8004 1305

Website:   http://www.mindup.org

Borough:  All

All Provision Summary:
MindUP an evidence-based, whole school social and emotional learning programme trained and supported by expert MindUP consultants. MindUP is a framework of 15 lessons across 4 units, taught from EYFS to Y8.


Lessons take the children on a journey from Me to We to Others, improving emotional self regulation and focus for learning. Research shows that MindUP helps reduce stress, improves attention and supports a positive optimistic mindset.

MindUP fosters a Mindful culture where respect, tolerance and compassion are cultivated. These are life long skills that support Mental health and wellbeing.


Target Group:  Early Years, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools KS3 and includes Parent sessions. 

Cost Implication for Schools: Yes, however sponsored partnerships are available through The Goldie Hawn Foundation.