Matching Career Choices With Personal Values

The PSHE Association has worked in partnership with the Environment Agency to develop this new free-to-download teaching resource, ‘Growing careers for positive change: Creating a better place’, for Key Stage 4. The lessons, with accompanying PowerPoints and resources, explore personal values and how these relate to our career choices and the decisions we make about our lives.

Both lessons in this pack guide students to consider how their values can inform their career choices in order to make a difference to their local and global community, and how holding and acting upon these values can affect wellbeing. The resources emphasise the link with climate change, highlighting that the career we choose is one way to make a difference about issues we care about.

Other topics covered include:

  • Strength, interests, skills and qualities in relation to future careers choices and employability
  • Career identity including values in relation to work
  • Goal-setting and action-planning based on personal values
  • Identifying organisations for employment that align with personal values

An accompanying Teacher Guide outlines how to plan the lessons into your PSHE curriculum, and provides advice on creating a safe learning environment for your students and signposting to additional support (including further careers advice).