LEAN Beans

Alex Jones
Nutrition Lead and Area Manager (Weight Management)

Room 101
2 Town Square
Barking Learning Centre
IG11 7NB

Email Address:   alex.jones@lbbd.gov.uk
Tel No:  0208 227 3742
Website:    newme.london

Borough:  LBBD

Provision Summary:
The LEAN Beans programme helps support families to lead a healthier lifestyle. It is a club all the family can join to learn, share and play.

There are some great incentives for families taking part including;

  • free leisure centre memberships;
  • 2 hour healthy cooking and eating sessions; and a
  • £20 supermarket voucher.

The LEAN Beans programme equips families with the knowledge and skills to help lead a healthier lifestyle – making a healthy lifestyle the easy choice!

The programme is open to every child and their family in Barking and Dagenham.

It runs for a 2 hour session each week over a 12 week period and is located at a number of venues across the borough. All the sessions are family focused, including families sharing their experiences and knowledge with others in the group. The first hour is focused on learning about nutrition in a fun, interactive and engaging way.  The second hour focuses on physical activity (suitable for all abilities) and games for the children.  During this hour parents are able to meet without the children and take part in group discussions.

Target Group:   Primary Schools (for Pupils, Parents and Carers)

Cost Implication for Schools:  No