Gender Action Schools Award

Young people’s goals for the future are set as young as seven years old. Gendered expectations have been shown to be one of the main influences on children’s aspirations.

But what role can educators play in challenging gender stereotypes?

A vital role – and Gender Action are here to help.

To tackle gender stereotypes in nurseries and schools, the Mayor is funding the new Gender Action award programme, to be rolled out across the capital in 2019.

The programme is being developed and run by a consortium of experts from the Institute of Physics, King’s College London, UCL Institute of Education and the University Council of Modern Languages. This will provide:

  • Guidance that works, backed by over a decade’s worth of research by leading institutions
  • Support that makes it quick and easy for practitioners to navigate and tackle gender stereotypes
  • Improved outcomes for children with broadened subject take up and careers aspirations
  • National recognition that your school is leading the way for gender equality

Educators can pledge their commitment to gender equality by registering at, as well as learning more about the programme and accessing their online resources to challenge gender stereotypes.


To become a Supporter of Gender Action, all you have to do is register on the website and complete a letter of commitment. You will be sent this letter once you have registered. This letter needs to be signed by the headteacher or a member of SLT to show whole-school commitment to challenging gender stereotypes.