Child First: Safe Child Contact, Saves Lives

Nineteen Child Homicides – What must change so children are put first in child contact arrangements and the family courts.

This report from Women’s Aid, examines child contact, supervised and unsupervised, in domestic abuse cases and evidences the level of risk it poses to children. The report uses homicides for the purpose of this particular research.

Nineteen Child Homicides tells the stories of 19 children who were killed by a parent who was also a perpetrator of domestic abuse, in circumstances relating to child contact (formally or informally arranged). The focus is on children but, in some of these cases, women were also killed. The blame for these killings lies with the perpetrators. However, the report concludes that these cases demonstrate failings that need to be addressed to ensure that the family courts, Child and Family Courts Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass), children’s social work and other bodies actively minimise the possibility of further harm to women and children.

To read the report click on the link: Child First – Nineteen Child Homicides Report