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Susan Kaiser Greenland

Again, based in the US, but full of inspiration and relevant information, author of The Mindful Child, Susan Kaiser Greenland has established the Inner Kids Foundation which teaches mindfulness skills to children in deprived schools and neighbourhoods in Los Angeles.

Her website is full of information on recent research on mindfulness with children.

Mindful Schools

Based in the US, Mindful Schools provides online courses to learn mindfulness and to move onto learning to teach children. They also offer regular training courses in the UK. It has a very informative website on mindfulness for children. Currently there is also a link to a 40-minute film called Healthy Habits of Mind, looking at how mindfulness has been integrated into a primary schools in California which is really worth a watch.

The Mindfulness in Schools Project (MISP)

Includes research on the benefits of mindfulness for children and young people. Offers a teachers’ training programme to enable teachers to teach an eight-week mindfulness curriculum called .b (stop, breath and be). Teachers’ own established mindfulness practice and completion of an eight-week course is a pre-requisite for the training. Has now launched a primary schools project called Paws b.