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Commitment: What Does it Mean?

The PSHE Association have just awarded their Quality Mark for resources to ‘Commitment: what does it mean?’, a free-to-download key stage 3 lesson from the FASTN charity.

Using the stimulus of a poem by rapper and spoken word artist Nick Brewer, pupils are given the opportunity to consider their own values and commitments, the benefits of those commitments, and what they would like to commit to in the future.

In order to support development and maintenance of healthy and reliable relationships, this lesson – which explores a range of relationship types – enables pupils to:

  • describe what commitment means and looks like
  • explain why commitment is important for people’s health, wellbeing and relationships
  • explain what commitment means for them
  • reflect on their own commitments, now and in the future

The pack includes teacher guidance, a lesson plan, worksheets and slides to support delivery.

Download ‘Commitment: What does it mean?’ Materials

BNF Healthy Eating Week

BNF Healthy Eating Week starts on Monday!

And the BNF would really like to see what everyone is up to during the Week, so do share as many photos and social media posts as you can! Remember to use the hashtag #BNFHEW20 in your tweets so they can retweet. You can also tag them into your tweets: @Foodafactoflife or @BNFEvents

Also visit their website for the following:

  • General support: Visit their General support area to find key information and resources, including decorative bunting and the seven challenge logos, a messaging guide to support your internal and external communications about the Week and lots more!
  • Challenge webinars.  BNF have three special webinars designed to provide more in-depth information about three of the challenges – Eat more wholegrains, Vary your veg and Eat together. These are great for teacher background knowledge or sharing with older secondary school pupils. 
  • Cooking sessions: BNF will be launching 10 cooking sessions during BNF Healthy Eating Week – two sessions each day at 10am and 2pm. Come and cook-a-long with the sessions! For more information and to find the 10 recipes, click here
  • Eat more wholegrains (Monday 28 September). The Challenge: Have a wholegrain option with at least one of your main meals every day.For all the resources to support the challenge, click here
  • Vary your veg (Tuesday 29 September): The Challenge: Have a variety of vegetables this week. For resources to support the challenge, click here
  • Drink plenty (Wednesday 30 September): The Challenge: Have at least 6-8 unsweetened drinks every day – water is a great choice. For resources to support the challenge, click here.
  • Move more (Thursday 1 October): The Challenge: Get active every day –  move more.  For resources to support the challenge, click here.
  • Be mind kind (Friday 2 October): The Challenge: Do something kind  for your mind today. For resources to support the challenge, click here
  • Get active together (Saturday 3 October):The Challenge: Get active with others this week.*For resources to support the challenge, click here.
  • Eat together (Sunday 4 October): The Challenge: Eat and enjoy food with others this week.* For resources to support the challenge, click here.

Online Blackmail Education Resource

A one-hour learning session from ThinkuKnow, helping 15-18 year olds identify risk and get support when they need it. This resource includes:

  • A session plan to help young people recognise the early signs of manipulative, pressurising and threatening behaviour, and identify different people and organisations that can provide help if they need it.
  • Two fictional news article worksheets developed in response to the latest research, intelligence from the NCA, and engagement with professionals and young people.
  • A resource pack that’s been mapped to the curriculums in all 4 UK nations, including Relationships and Sex Education. Online Blackmail has also been awarded the PSHE Association Quality Mark, demonstrating it supports safe and effective teaching practice.

ThinkUKnow have also created new articles to help professionals, parents, carers and young people learn more about how blackmail can manifest online:

KS4 Lesson Plans: Working Out Relationships

Working out Relationships? is a free-to-access lesson pack designed to bust common myths about the ‘perfect relationship’ and manage young people’s relationship expectations and has been awarded the PSHE Associations Quality Mark for PSHE teaching resources.  The lessons draw on findings from an innovative 10-year research project on what helps long term relationships to thrive, and have been produced by academics at the University of Exeter. These materials will support planning for statutory Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) from September.

Built around a short animation and accompanying infographic, the interactive 2-part lesson plans feature two fictitious 16-year old couples. One relationship involves a controlling partner, and pupils will learn how to identify and avoid such relationships and — where necessary — how to exit one safely. In lesson two, pupils will learn strategies to start to build positive, potentially lasting, relationships of their own.

The pack includes PowerPoint lessons one and two, accompanying teaching guides, video and infographic. The University will supply A4 and A3 laminated copies of the infographic for classroom walls free of charge on request.

For further information and to download the pack, click here

Young Citizens GoGivers – Free Access

Thanks to the generosity of Pears foundation, Young Citizens are able to offer all UK primary schools free access to Go-Givers throughout the 2020/21 academic year. This funding saves you the usual subscription rate of £399, allowing every teacher nationwide to benefit from over a hundred lesson and assembly plans that address the spiritual moral social cultural development of our youngest citizens.

To take advantage of this opportunity, proceed to register your school by clicking here  and completing your details. Go to the payment options page and make sure to enter the code pears20-21 in the discount code box at the top of page, above ‘pay by credit card’. Your order summary should then show the full discount applied.

Headspace – free for UK educators

Headspace offers free access to all K-12 teachers, school administrators, and supporting staff in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.  What’s going on right now is a challenge for everyone. But you, our teachers and carers, are particularly overburdened. Headspace wants to be here for you and support you as best they can. Helping you be kind to yourself, and your health, and guide your students and their parents through this difficult time.

For further information, click here