Physical Activity

We provide services to local authorities, schools and early years settings to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people.

Physical activity


Health Education Partnership is able to support schools and settings to continue and enhance their work around physical activity and health promotion.

Areas we are able to provide support include: movement for babies, developing the outdoor environment, early years practitioner training, motor skills intervention programme, playground development and training and support for mid-day supervisors, parents, teachers and pupils.

Physical activity can provide children and young people with a range of unique benefits and is essential to growth and development in childhood. Increasing numbers of children are being identified with weight management issues and coordination difficulties. Often lack of opportunity to engage in physical activity and sedentary lifestyles contribute to poor motor skill development and later difficulties during school life. There is also evidence linking obesity in children to an increased risk of adult obesity and poor health.

We can help you develop activities and programmes to bring about a sustainable change in attitudes to physical activity and improve the health literacy of pupils and families.

Example packages of support

View: Early Years - Active Babies........[72kb]

View: Developing an Enabling Environment......[72kb]

View: Physical Literacy Training........[72kb]

View: Motor Skills Intervention Programme......[72kb]

View: Playground Development Project......[68kb]

View: Motor Skills Intervention Programme......[72kb]

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TOP TIPS FOR PARENTS: physical activity 0-5 year olds ........[42KB]

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TOP TIPS FOR PARENTS: physical activity 0-5 year olds ........[42KB]