We offer professional advice and hands-on practical support to both in-house and catered schools to improve catering operations and ensure current legislation is met and opportunities realised.

Catering operations


With school food governed by an ever increasing plethora of legislation and guidance it is often a challenge for schools and settings to recognise their responsibilities or maintain a grasp on the constantly evolving standards and benchmarks.

Health Education Partnership will provide you with straightforward, focused advice to deliver noticeable and sustainable improvements to your catering operation. Our uncomplicated and professional approach coupled with extensive experience within the catering sector will assist you to achieve the quality and standards your pupils deserve.

Food – We will listen to your concerns, analyse your catering operation and offer key changes needed to improve quality and meet your expectations. Our opportunity focused observation action plan will identify strengths and weaknesses and offer realistic small step improvements achievable within a realistic time frame.

People – Success of any business is built on the talents of its people and attracting the right calibre of candidate is the key to future growth. We can help shape and strengthen your catering team and when required support with advertising, interviewing and trade testing to ensure the best people possible deliver your catering service.

Kitchen Design – Working with independent kitchen designers and catering equipment suppliers we can offer advice on the right equipment choices to improve productivity and efficiency. With our understanding of the industry we are positioned to negotiate competitive discounts on your behalf whether you require a single piece of equipment or complete turnkey kitchen design and build project.

Safety – Overlooking food safety legislation can be disastrous for a business’s reputation and distressing for the customer. We aim to achieve the highest level of food safety compliance though our auditing process, local authority environmental health approved documented food safety systems and accredited training courses.

"As far as I am concerned, Dominic is a vital part of the school's catering development and I would like him on board as much as possible to help us develop a catering service of the highest quality. His knowledge and expertise around catering issues is invaluable to me at the moment and our catering manager respects him, which helps.

Ian Mullaney, head teacher at Rushmore Primary, Hackney

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Catering and food premises safety ........[48kb]

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) ........[52kb]

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Download Free Resources

Catering and food premises safety ........[48kb]

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) ........[52kb]

Cross Contamination ........[48kb]