The Great Get Together

Save the date: 22nd June

The Great Get Together will take place across the country on the weekend of 22nd – 24th June.

The Great Get Together is inspired by the MP Jo Cox who was tragically murdered in 2016 and continues her work in encouraging communities, neighbours, pupils and friends to share and celebrate all that we hold in common.

Last year, the Great Get Together took place on the first anniversary of Jo’s death and events were held up and down the country in schools, outside in community gardens and on streets. The PSHE Association produced resources to support this activity through PSHE lessons and the PSHE Association will be updating these resources for this year’s event. They will be in touch over the coming weeks with a link to where you can download these and other resources included in the Great Get Together pack.

For now, the PSHE Association are just asking you to add save the date of Friday 22nd June to hold a Great Get Together event in your school – whether that’s an assembly, a sports day or any event that works for you that brings pupils together.

And if you, or people you know, would like to organise a Great Get Together outside of school, please visit the Great Get Together website where there is lots of information on how you can get involved and resources to help you organise your event.