The Daily Mile™ Day in London – be part of it!

London Marathon Events is organising the first ever Daily Mile Day in London on Friday 5 July, at 14:00 . Every child and every primary school in the capital can take part – be part of it and help set a London record for the most children doing The Daily Mile at the same time.

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. If your school hasn’t already registered, you can sign up now at – it only takes a minute
  2. Add the date to the school diary – 14:00 on Friday 5 July
  3. Spread the word. Get the whole school community involved – all staff can take part. Why not invite parents or Governors to join in too? Do you need a presentation for your school assembly? Just send an email to the address below and we’ll send it over before the end of the month
  4. Organise The Daily Mile at 14:00 – 15 minutes of the children jogging or running, at their own pace, for the whole school – no need to change! They can all run at the same time or organise a timetable so they set off for their run in different waves
  5. After the event, we’ll send you a short survey asking you how many children took part so you can be part of a new London record. Every school that completes the survey will receive a special Daily Mile Day certificate for display in school

Still not sure you can find time to do The Daily Mile? Just remember:

  • active children are more alert – they are more able to concentrate, stay on task in class and make good choices about their behaviour
  • active children are happier – they have improved self-esteem, reduced anxiety and increased confidence
  • active children have improved bone health and muscle strength. Activity improves their cardiorespiratory fitness and leads to a reduction in body fat

Register your school for The Daily Mile at

For further information, contact Ben Cooper at