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Free Child Safety Week Toolkit

The Child Safety Week (3rd – 9th June 2019) action pack is available – you can download it now.

It’s the essential guide for anyone who wants to get effective messages out to children and families about preventing accidents:

  • Packed with quick and easy activity ideas to bring the week to life – use them as they are or build on them and share your own. We’ve done some of the thinking for you.
  • Dedicated pull outs and a parent pack for you to copy and give to parents with effective messaging that they relate to
  • Practical activity sheets to copy and use with children and parents
  • Tips on effective engagement with your families and children
  • Child Safety Week poster – a conversation starter to display and promote activities

Why not order a poisoning prevention Taste Test kit from our sponsor, Bitrex, also available now – completely free. You can get it here.

You can sign up to Child Safety Week here.

Find out more about Child Safety Week 2019

Peer2Peer Education

Heena Njie

Starting Point
16 Pickering Road
IG11 8PG

Email Address: heena@p2peducation.co.uk
Mobile:  07908013916
Website:   www.p2peducation.co.uk          

Borough:  LBBD

Provision Summary:  
P2P delivers peer-led life-skills workshops to schools, PRUs and other youth-related services. Workshops include Sexting, Online Grooming, Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships, Gun and Knife Crime, Gang Awareness, Drug and Alcohol Abuse and more.

Target Group:   Primary and Secondary Schools (for Pupils, Staff, Parents and Carers)

Cost Implication for Schools:  Yes


Shelina Khatun
Prevent Education Officer

Barking Town Hall

Email Address: selina.khatun@lbbd.gov.uk
Mobile: 07970 788985         

Borough:  LBBD

Provision Summary:
1. Staff training on Prevent
2. Safeguarding policy support and advice for Prevent
3. Curriculum support – assemblies/workshops/lessons/lesson plans/resources/external speakers

Target Group:  Early Years, Primary and Secondary Schools (for Pupils, Staff, Parents and Carers)

Cost Implication for Schools:  No

C-Card Condom Distribution Programme

Heather McKelvey
C-Card Coordinator

Town Hall
Town Square
IG11 7LU

Email Address:  heather.mckelvey@lbbd.gov.uk
Alternative Email Address:   sally.allen-clarke@lbbd.gov.uk
Mobile:  07968511930
Website: http://www.comecorrect.org.uk/Participating.aspxList=1&tabletype=click&ID=9
Alternative Website: www.lbbd.gov.uk

Borough:  LBBD

Provision Summary:
The coordination of the C-Card condom distribution programme for young people aged 13-25 in Barking and Dagenham. Staff are available to run C-Card drop in sessions to sign up young people to the scheme, which allows 13-25 years olds to access free condoms via around 20 outlets in Barking and Dagenham.

Target Group:   Secondary School (for Pupils)

Cost Implication for Schools:  No

Victim Support YP IDSVA Service LBBD

Sophie Rowan
Young Person’s Independent Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocate

Maritime House

Email Address:  bdypdomestic.abusereferrals@victimsupport.org.uk
Alternative Email Address:  sophie.rowan@victimsupport.org.uk
Tel No:  02085913498
Mobile: 07803411803

Borough:  LBBD

Provision Summary:
1:1 and group work
Young peoples support
Relationships and sexual health
Domestic and Sexual Violence and CSE exploitation

Target Group:   Secondary School (for Pupils, Staff, Parents and Carers)

Cost Implication for Schools: No

Travel Plans, Active and Sustainable Travel

Gloria Millis
Green Travel Coordinator

Floor 9
Maritime House
Linton Road

Email Address:  gloria.millis@lbbd.gov.uk
Tel No:    02082273320
Website:      www.lbbd.gov.uk

Borough:   LBBD

Provision Summary:
Support for schools completing travel plans, taking part in JTA and YTA, etc.

Target Group:   Early Years / Primary School / Secondary School (for Pupils and Staff)

Cost Implication for Schools:  No