Going Live Online Resources

The popularity of live streaming is ever increasing and while it can be fun, exciting and provide opportunities for children, there are also risks to be aware of (read an explainer).

You can use the resources below, from ThinkUKnow, to have conversations with children about live streaming and help them to develop the skills to respond to risk safely:

1. #LiveSkills

Work with children aged 8 – 18?  Use #LiveSkills to explore the features of live streaming and the risks that children and young people can face on live streaming platforms.  You’ll find session plans and activities designed to help children:

  • Identify the type of tactics offenders use on live streaming platforms
  • Identify and respond to pressure and manipulation online
  • Develop the skills to think critically about the people they meet
  • Deal with issues that may make them vulnerable when live such as low self-esteem and confidence

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Looking to develop these skills with younger children? Download and use Jessie and Friends, ThinkUKnow’s resource for 4-7s, to explore the tactics offenders use on different platforms in an age-appropriate and non-scaremongering way.

Children will also learn to identify who they can go to if they have a problem online.

2. New live streaming training module

CEOP ambassadors can download the new live streaming module, which is additional to the Thinkuknow Introduction Course.  It explores the specific risks presented by live streaming platforms, and how you and your colleagues can respond to them.

Already using ThinkUKnow’s live streaming module? Share your feedback by responding to their latest knowledge share question.

3. Live streaming advice for teens

ThinkUKnow’s 11-13 and 14+ websites offer open and honest advice on enjoying live streaming safely.

Use the following articles as a way to start important conversations with young people about what to think about before live streaming:

4. A short parents guide to live streaming

Get parents engaged in their child’s online activity by sharing our short guide to live streaming.

It explains:

  • What live streaming is and why it’s so popular
  • What makes it risky for young people
  • How they can help their child stay safe while live streaming