First Aid Learning for Young People

First Aid Learning for Young People – a comprehensive resource from the British Red Cross – has just been awarded the PSHE Association Quality Mark for PSHE education resources.

The resource is free to access and gives 11 to 19 year-olds the skills, confidence and willingness to step in to help in a first aid emergency.

First aid learning for young people’ includes:

  • engaging videos,
  • thought-provoking case studies,
  • online quizzes,
  • skill guides
  • and role-play activities

which can be used to develop short sessions or a whole programme of lessons as part of your PSHE curriculum. The British Red Cross supports PSHE as a means to deliver first aid education and this resource aims to provide you with what you need to do in an effective, straightforward and engaging way, without needing any first aid training yourself.

The PSHE Association have previously quality assured Life. Live It. from the British Red Cross for 5 to 11-year-olds, should you teach younger learners.

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