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National Smile Month 2018

14th May – 14th June 2018

National Smile Month is an oral health campaign which is all about putting oral hygiene at the forefront of the nation’s mind, engaging people about the value of a healthy smile and raising awareness of important oral health issues.

This year, we need your help to educate local communities across the country with positive messages about the true worth of a healthy smile!

To help you along the way we, have developed some fantastically fun and smiley educational materials to help you make the most of National Smile Month events and activities this year.

Campaign Pack: To get your National Smile Month started, you absolutely must try their Campaign Pack. This simple bundle includes everything to introduce you to National Smile Month and definitely helps to put a smile on somebody’s face.

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Poster Pack:   A dazzling display is the perfect way to get involved in National Smile Month by promoting positive oral health messages.

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Smileys:   The Smiley is back! Over the last few years, more than half a million Smileys have been used in workplaces, schools, hospitals, dental practices, toddler groups – in fact just about anywhere you can think of – to engage groups about the true worth of a healthy smile.

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Increasing Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in Early Years

Insufficient consumption of fruits and vegetables in childhood increases the risk of future chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease. The objectives of this study, “Interventions for increasing fruit and vegetable consumption in children aged five years and under (Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews)” were to assess the effectiveness, cost effectiveness and associated adverse events of interventions designed to increase the consumption of fruit, vegetables or both amongst children aged five years and under.

The study concluded that the evidence for effective interventions to increase eating of fruit and vegetables by children aged five and under remains sparse. Child-feeding interventions appear to increase vegetable intake by children (by 4.03 g), but this conclusion is based on very low-quality evidence and is very likely to change when future research is undertaken.

Free Online Course: Teaching Food in Primary – The Why, What and How

“Teaching food in primary: the why, what and how”

A FREE online course to support food and nutrition teaching in primary schools.

Developed by the British Nutrition Foundation, Teaching food in primary: the what, why and how is designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to help primary school teachers and trainees plan and deliver high quality food, nutrition and cooking lessons to primary aged pupils.

The course has been specifically created for initial and practising primary school teachers. It is based on the requirements of the National Curriculum (England), the government’s Core competences for children and young people aged 5 to 16 years and a guidance document from PHE/DfE to support primary teachers delivering food in schools entitled, Food in primary schools: a framework of knowledge and skills. 

The course comprises eight modules, including an overview of whole school food issues, planning for food in the curriculum, how to teach practical food lessons safely and key information on healthy eating and food origins.

The modules are:

  1. Food in schools: Introducing the online training approach and key documents which support food teaching in school.
  2. Food origins: Exploring where food comes from and some of the processes involved in producing food.
  3. Healthy eating: Exploring the Eatwell Guide, its food groups, key messages and application.
  4. Nutrition: Introducing energy, nutrients, fibre and water and the differing nutritional requirements throughout life.
  5. Applied nutrition: Using nutrition knowledge to plan and prepare meals that contribute to a healthy varied diet.
  6. Food safety: Considering and managing food safety and hygiene in the classroom.
  7. Cooking: Managing and preparing the classroom, resources and pupils for safe and purposeful, practical food lessons.
  8. Teaching: Planning a progressive, whole school approach to food.

After each module there is a short test and after the final module there is an assessment. On successful completion of the assessment, a personalised British Nutrition Foundation certificate is awarded.  The courses expected to take around 7 hours to complete. There is no time limit to complete the course and users can start and return to the course as needed, it is hoped that this will make completing the course as manageable and convenient as possible.

If you are a UK primary trainee or practising teacher and would like to register for your FREE course code, click here.   If you work with or know of a primary or trainee primary teacher please let them know about the course.

If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Down (Education and Events Executive) Tel: 0207 557 7930

Healthy Eating Week: 11th -15th June 2018

Every year the British Nutrition Foundation runs a Healthy Eating Week.

This year it will take place from the 11th – 15th June 2018 and is open to all UK nurseries, schools, universities and workplaces.

Registration is FREE and helps to demonstrate your commitment to promoting health and wellbeing.  The Week celebrates healthy eating, cooking, food provenance and physical activity.

Register and you’ll receive:

  • information and resources about the five health challenges;
  • five A2 colour posters promoting the five health challenges;
  • access to a planning grid with links to resources for each day;
  • access to exclusive webinars;
  • promotional tools and tips.

The resources are designed to support the Week but can be used throughout the year.! You can register HERE.  (If you registered in 2017, you will need to register again.) You can also register as a workplace and involve your colleagues too.

See attached flyer for further details: BNF Healthy Eating Week 2018

Change4Life: 100 Calorie Snacks

Change4Life has launched an exciting new campaign to help families choose healthier snacks and reduce their children’s sugar intake. The campaign will help parents take action by introducing a new simple tip :

‘Look for 100 calories snacks, two a day max’.

They have created a Local Health Champion toolkit to help you and your friends, family and community choose healthier snacks and cut back on sugar.


Change4Life: Healthy Year Calendar for Schools

This colourful and engaging calendar features exciting activities from the Change4Life Healthy Year range of resources. It offers fun ideas to help you teach and inspire your class to eat well and move more. There is also a weekly joke, riddle or fun fact to help keep pupils motivated and after revealing you can save your changes so you can keep track of your progress.

Click on the link to download the calendar: Change4Life Healthy Year Calendar