Advice to Parents and Carers on Serious Youth Violence, Knife Crime and Gangs

(Free resource and workshops)

With an increase in the incidences of youth violence and crime in Westminster, it is not uncommon for parents, carers and other adults to feel worried for their own safety and for the safety of their families and children. Although a vast majority of young people live positive lives and are not involved in gangs or knife crime, there are a small number of young people who do become involved and or become potential victims of violence or exploitation.

Westminster City Council have developed a toolkit for parents and carers on facts, practical advice to look for signs of a child’s involvement, as well as tips on how to speak to children and seeking further help or support.

If you are a school or educational institute in Westminster and would like  a session to be delivered to parents around this issue, please get in touch-

Muskaan Khurana
Serious Youth Violence- Community Engagement Officer
Integrated Gangs & Exploitation Unit (IGXU)
Westminster City Council
0207 641 2330

Westminster City Council’s IGXU identify and work with vulnerable and exploited young people aged 10-24 involved in group violence or on the periphery of gangs to improve their life choices and reduce associations with gangs and reduce incidences of serious youth violence, knife crime, drug use and distribution and criminal exploitation.

If you think a young person would benefit from support from the IGXU, you can either email  or call 0207 641 4051