Healthy Eating

We can help you adopt a strategic approach to food and nutrition education, and develop a broad understanding of healthy eating in a systematic way.

Healthy eating


Healthy eating is fundamental to good health and well-being. For growing children, eating and drinking a good variety of foods is essential for proper growth and development, but also for developing a love of good food and development of social skills. Eating habits are developed during childhood and therefore if encouraged to enjoy healthy food and drinks and understand how to make healthy food and drink choices, it is likely positive behaviours and understanding will remain with children and young people throughout their and their future family’s lives.

However, for children to be able to make healthy food choices now and for the rest of their lives they need to have the confidence, skills, knowledge and understanding of what foods and drinks they need.

We can assist will all aspects of this by helping schools embed food into the curriculum and by providing support with all aspects of food provision and by the development of a whole school approach to food policy. Policy development support will include: packed lunch guidance and support; classroom support – theory and practical cooking sessions; assemblies; teachers inset training, after school activities for parents and children; parent sessions.

Example packages of support

View: Support Package Suggestions (policy, packed lunches, cooking and more)........[75kb]

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